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We value your feedback

When it comes to feedback, Vacenti’s an open book.

We’re proud to offer a thorough, multi-faceted feedback process that forms an important part of our commitment to continual improvement. This process ensures every resident and their family feel listened to, valued and respected.

Gathering and responding to feedback from residents and their families underpins everything we do at each Vacenti community. It’s an essential part of our quality program, informing our action plans, staff training and education, ongoing monitoring systems and continual quality improvement plan. That’s why we offer so many avenues to provide positive or negative feedback, and why we have robust systems in place to ensure that all comments are collated and acted upon.

No matter how large or small the issue might be, no comment or suggestion is dismissed or ignored.

Please fill in our online form or download a feedback form below and lodge it at any of our Locations or email to

Share your Feedback

Here are just some of the ways we collect and respond to feedback. (Please note that there may be temporary changes to the group meeting feedback options outlined below, due to social distancing regulations):

1. Post-entry survey: 4 to 6 weeks after a new resident joins a Vacenti community, we interview the resident and/or their family to see how they found the moving-in process and identify any questions, issues or concerns. Survey results are individually reviewed and any issues are acted on swiftly. The results from all communities are also collated and any common trends identified are discussed at our monthly Quality Enhancement Meetings.

2. Feedback Forms: Residents and their loved ones can access feedback forms at any of our reception areas, or via, and these can be submitted anonymously if preferred. Any comments received are followed up in a timely manner to make sure a positive resolution is achieved.

3. Resident & Relative Meetings: Held monthly in each Vacenti community, these meetings are open to all residents and their family members. The meetings offer a relaxed forum to raise suggestions, concerns or ask questions directly with the community’s Manager, Lifestyle Coordinator, Chef and Laundry Manager. Minutes of the meetings are available to all.

4. Meal with a Manager: Once a month, each Manager hosts a lunch with a small number of residents in their community’s dining room. Kept to small numbers, these lunches are a valuable opportunity to get to know the manager and discuss any feedback in a more intimate setting. If you’d like to be invited to a Meal with a Manager, talk to your Lifestyle Coordinator for more details.

5. Meet the Chef: We love hearing feedback about our food! Each Chef meets with residents so they can have direct input into the menus and provide feedback about what they do or don’t enjoy. In addition, residents and their loved ones can complete a feedback form at any time to provide comments, good or bad, about any aspect of the food or dining experience.

6. Bi-annual Resident Experience Survey: In March and September each year, residents and their relatives are invited to complete a hard copy or online survey. All responses are collated, tracked and analysed against set targets. Any areas of improvement identified are added to the Action Plan for investigation and followed up to ensure a successful resolution.

7. Open Door to Managers: Our Managers pride themselves on getting to know each resident and being approachable at all times. We operate an open-door policy for any resident or their relatives to come and talk to their Manager formally or informally.

8. Direct Email to CEO and Senior Management: If a resident or relative has an issue they would like to raise at a senior level, they can send an email to and this will be directed to Vacenti’s CEO, Julian Casagrande and the Senior Management Team for investigation and action.

In addition to the above formal and informal methods of providing feedback, residents or family members can talk to any Vacenti staff member to make suggestions or raise any issues. Our goal as an organisation is to promote continuous improvement and to be accountable for the delivery of safe and quality care and services.