Care, understanding and respect.


Esida and Esida Lodge cater for a range of care needs including extensive care and palliative care. We also care for more independent residents who have the peace-of-mind knowing help and nursing care are available when needed. Qualified nursing and care staff provide loving care and understanding 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our multidisciplinary team includes doctors and allied health professionals such as a physiotherapist, podiatrist and dietician.

Our supportive and attentive staff are trained and equipped to care for residents with all types of needs to ensure continuity of care and service is maintained. Our approach to personalised care enables us to meet each resident’s individual needs with respect, love, dignity and independence. Esida is a non-smoking home.


Additional services for extra comfort

Our Servizi Additional Services Package supports residents by offering additional choices.  Additional Service provision includes a variety of choice, such as more extensive menu choices and alcoholic beverages.  We can also tailor a package to meet your individual needs and preferences. Let us develop a special package for you, perhaps additional companionship, supported excursions or individual shopping trips.

COVID - 19 Updates

Update 13th March 2021

You may or may not be aware that a COVID -19 positive case at the PA hospital was announced late last night. This person had been within the community for several days visiting locations in South Brisbane. As a result the PA hospital is in lock down. The Premier and Chief Health Office have now held a press conference and at that event they have announced that all Aged Care homes in greater Brisbane area are now closed to visitors. We are awaiting an official notice from the CHO office however, effective immediately all Vacenti Aged Care Homes are closed to non-essential visitors.

We will continue to monitor for updates and keep you as informed as possible.

I know we keep saying it, but it is for good reason and it is appreciated – thank you to all our residents, families, visitors and staff for your ongoing and unwavering support and cooperation in all our initiatives, the latest being compliance with the Qld Health vaccination requirements and our start up sign-in processes.

Covid-19 Updates