Frequently Asked Questions

What Vacenti is doing to manage COVID-19
As you can imagine we have teams of our best people in each and every home, and in Shared Services, looking at our response measures daily, including the advice received and how we will respond.

What we are doing / have done is:

• Take our ongoing advice from the Commonwealth Department of Health and Chief Medical Officer,
• Establish a core group of senior managers who monitor the situation and advice given every day,
• Establish a Coronavirus committee that meets at least weekly to ensure fluent coordination, education and communication,
• Provide additional training to key staff on every site on COVID-19 and infection control,
• Provide additional on-the-floor support from Workforce Development nurses,
• Undertake significant additional cleaning and sanitising of high-contact points,
• Review all stocks necessary should we get a case of COVID-19,
• Place the same requirements on service contractors visiting our homes,
• Place stringent restrictions on our staff who report ill or returning from holidays overseas,
plus a lot lot more. We are doing everything we can to protect the safety of your loved one. Feel free to discuss this with our Facility Manager.

As advised previously, Vacenti will take a very precautionary approach to any resident, family or visitor showing any signs of a chest infection, cold or flu. This will include isolation of residents and use of protective precautions until test results are returned. We hope you can appreciate this precautionary approach. If you visit a site and see staff wearing PPE, or a resident in isolation, this does not necessarily mean we have a case of Coronavirus.

If you have any further concerns about the COVID-19 virus, or any other matter, please contact your Facility Manager.

Resources to Frequently Asked Questions

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The Department of health has commenced a Coronavirus Health Information Line. If you are seeking information on coronavirus (COVID-19). The line operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Phone 1800 020 080