Important Vacenti Update on Coronavirus – COVID-19 – Aged Care Direction – 26

Information as at April 15th 2021

As per the Premier’s announcement, we welcome back visitors to our Homes across our network. From 6 am there will be no visitor restrictions nor a requirement for masks to be worn when within the Home. We ask that all visitors to our Homes ensure you sign into the Home and follow the social distancing advice that we have been living with for the past year.

We, at Vacenti, are obliged to follow the Health advice as directed by Qld Health and as such, there is a delay at times from when the Premier makes a public announcement to when we are officially notified. We have yet to receive official notification but empathise with our Vacenti community that social isolation of residents and family members is not in the best interest of anyone. We have made the call to open back up to visitors in good faith that notification will come through today Thursday the 15th of April.

As a reminder, Friday and Saturday will be as per pre-lockdown hours and Sunday by notification to the Facility Manager.

Last week, Aged Care Direction 26 was released.

In detail:

Aged Care Direction No 21 and Visitor Restrictions

To reiterate requirements under the Aged Care Directions:

  1. A person must not enter, or remain on, the premises of a residential aged care facility in the State of Queensland if:
    1. during the 14 days immediately preceding the entry, the person who is an international arrival arrived in Australia from a place outside Australia; or
    2. during the 14 days immediately preceding the entry, or since the start date identified for the COVID-19 hotspot, whichever is shorter, the person has been in a place which at the time of entry is a COVID-19 hotspot; or
    3. during the 14 days immediately preceding the entry, the person had known contact with a person who has a confirmed case of COVID-19; orNote: Known contact with a person who has a confirmed case of COVID-19 under paragraph 9(c) does not include contact that occurs when a residential aged care worker or healthcare worker or practitioner providing health or medical care has been wearing appropriate PPE in accordance with Queensland Health’s Residential Aged Care Facility and Disability Accommodation PPE Guidance and has followed recommended infection control precautions.
    4. the person has a temperature equal to or higher than 37.5 degrees or symptoms consistent with COVID-19; or
    5. the person has been tested for COVID-19 and has not yet received the results of that test; or
    6. after 3 May 2021, the person does not have an up to date vaccination against influenza, if the vaccination is available to that person.Note: the vaccination is not available to a person only if:
      • the person has a medical contraindication to the influenza vaccine; or
      • the person is observing the recommended waiting period between receiving the COVID-19 vaccine and the influenza vaccine.
  2. Despite paragraph 9(e), a person may enter a residential aged care facility if the person is awaiting the result of a COVID-19 test taken in accordance with a surveillance testing obligation under a Public Health Direction or Protocol approved by the Chief Health Officer.Note: A person awaiting COVID-19 tests results as part of a surveillance testing obligation must still comply with the requirements in paragraphs 9(a) to (d) and 9(f). For example, a person awaiting results of a routine COVID-19 test required under a protocol must not enter, or remain on, the premises of a residential aged care facility if they have symptoms consistent with COVID-19.
  3. Despite paragraph 9(f), a person (other than a person whose presence at the premises is for the purposes of providing health, medical, personal care, or pharmaceutical services to a resident of the residential aged care facility), may enter and remain on the premises for the period reasonably required to provide an emergency service that is necessary for the effective operation of the residential aged care facility or to protect the health and safety of staff and residents on the condition that the person must practise physical distancing wherever possible, including maintaining a distance of at least 1.5 metres.Example – A plumber may make emergency repairs if an employee or contractor with an up to date vaccination against influenza is unable to attend.

    Note – An ambulance officer, nurse, doctor or other health care worker, including a student, is not permitted to enter premises under this paragraph and must have an up to date influenza vaccination due to the health risks posed by close contact with aged care residents if the vaccination is available to the person.


Visiting Hours

Vacenti homes are open for visits Monday to Saturday during normal hours of 8:30am to 4:30pm . Sunday and after-hours visits will continue to be by appointment only.

We respectfully ask visiting families to:

  • Keep your visit to the resident’s rooms or outdoor areas. Visits cannot be undertaken in communal areas.
  • Follow the directions of staff.

Use of Masks by Families and Visitors

Whilst our homes are in an “Unrestricted Zone”, families and visitors are not required to wear masks. However, should you feel more comfortable to wear a mask inside our home, please feel free to do so. This includes the use of cloth masks. Staff and contractors working on 2 or more sites must wear single use surgical masks.

Should any of our homes be placed in a “Restricted Zone” in the future, then cloth masks will no longer be acceptable. We will advise you of those requirements at that time.

Taking residents off site

We require all residents and families to complete the Resident Leave Register at reception, both on exiting and return to assist us in our risk assessment and surveillance protocols. Sign out is particularly important for contact tracing. Be very vigilant about social distancing and personal hygiene whilst you are off site.

Contact options

Please feel free to make telephone contact with your loved one, or make use of our video telehealth. The main application we are using so far is Skype. You can download Skype from

Our Skype details are as follows:


Skype Account Name Skype associated Email Address Who to email to create a booking
Portofino TeleHealth
Casa D’amore TeleHealth
Marebello TeleHealth
Lorocco TeleHealth
Esida TeleHealth


The protocol to arrange a Skype call between you and your loved one is as follows:

1.       Email our lovely Administration personnel at the respective home (see “Who to email to create a booking above”) with the residents name, preferred booking date and time, your contact phone no, your Skype Name and Skype related email address. Please send this email Mon to Fri during business hours and with at least 48 hours notice.

2.       Our Administration staff will then add you to our Skype Contacts list. This will involve sending you a “wave” which you will need to accept so it adds you to our contacts list. Alternatively, you can seek us out using the Skype Account Name above, or the Skype associated email address. Send us a “wave” and we will respond. The end result we need is that both parties are in the respective Skype Contacts List for a connection to happen.

3.       At, or as close as we can to the nominated time, we will call you. Please do not call us. We cannot guarantee that a staff member is available at the exact time to take calls.

We do not have any COVID-19 cases in any of our homes.


For more information specific to current COVID-19 restrictions, please visit your State Government website here