aged care standards

On 1 July 2019, the Single Quality Framework will commence.

Changing the way aged care services are assessed by government.

At the core of the single quality, framework is the new Aged Care Quality Standards. The new standards will apply to all existing types of aged care – residential care, in-home care and transition care – and will replace the existing standards for each type of care service. There are eight new Aged Care Quality Standards focusing on ensuring the delivery of quality outcomes for consumers (residents and clients), rather than concentrating mainly on examining provider processes.

Each standard contains three components: 1) a statement of outcome for consumers, 2) a statement of expectation for the provider organisation, and 3) organisational requirements to demonstrate that the standard has been met. As shown in the diagram, each of the eight standards focuses on a specific aspect of aged care service delivery, but Standard 1 – Consumer Dignity and Choice, is of specific importance, being the central theme for all the standards.

Standard 1 – consumer dignity and choice

Consumer outcome: I am treated with dignity and respect and can maintain my identity. I can make informed choices about my care and services and live the life I choose. Vacenti sees staff and consumers as equal partners in the shared purpose of caring. We care about people and appreciate each individual’s differences. We treat each other with dignity and respect. We respect each person’s rights and focus on what is important to them. We are flexible, promote choice and respond to need. We focus on ability and not disability.

Standard 2 – Ongoing assessment and planning with consumers

Consumer outcome: I am a partner in ongoing assessment and planning that helps me get the care and services I need for my health and wellbeing.
Vacenti partners with residents and families to undertake initial and ongoing assessments and to develop plans for care and services. We maintain a focus on consumer’s needs, goals and preferences.

Standard 3 – Personal care and clinical care

Consumer outcome: I get personal care, clinical care or both personal care and clinical care, that is safe and right for me. Vacenti delivers safe and effective clinical care and personal care in accordance with consumer’s needs, goals and preferences. We continuously seek to optimise consumer’s health and wellbeing.

Standard 4 – Services and supports for daily living

Consumer outcome: I get the services and supports for daily living that are important for my health and wellbeing and that enable me to do the things I want
to do. Vacenti provides safe and effective services and supports for daily living that maintains consumer’s independence, health, safety and wellbeing. We promote and support each person’s right to self-determination.

Standard 5 – Organisation’s service environment

Consumer outcome: I feel I belong, and I am safe and comfortable in the organisation’s service environment. Vacenti provides a safe and trusted environment. We provide a comfortable and well-maintained home. We take pride in and look after our service environments to promote consumer’s enjoyment, comfort and independence.